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August 19, 2010 / TheCommonCup

Colors Of God: Conversations About Being The Church – A Book Review

Colors Of God: Conversations About Being The Church by Dave Phillips, Quentin Steen & Randall Peters, is a great reading experience. The authors are pastors at a church called “neXus”. Where they come together as “the church” to do church in a very different way that most of America “does church”. The first thing one might notice different is that there’s not just one speaker at a pulpit on Sundays. Dave, Quentin, and Randall speak in dialogue. They may plan out where they are headed in the end but all the in between is an honest, genuine, spontaneous conversation about a biblical “truth”. The book is written in this format of conversation. Much like one would read the script from a play each section is blocked off indicating who the current voice is. The three write/speak well together. I’m a great fan of the style of the book. It’s fresh, new, and rethought.

Truth is also something to be questioned at neXus. Nothing is off the table for questioning, or rethinking. neXus holds that everything that we know about Christianity, and hold true about the Christian faith, must be available to be reassessed. In the book they address this saying that they are part of an emerging group of Christians unwilling to settle for what various church fathers or creeds put in place many years ago. They believe that everything must be able to be put back under the microscope. This is not to say that everything is relative merely that nothing should be off limits for questioning.

I agree with the fact that we should never take anything for face value. Dig deep. Know what you believe. I also believe that this type of thinking can bring one to a hard point of frustration. Not that getting frustrated over digging and questioning is a bad thing. Where do we stop asking questions? Do we take Jesus at His word or do we have to dig deeper to find if it’s true? While I applaud this line of thinking for not allowing Christians to become part of the Christian Culture Machine I would proceed with caution.

Colors of God is a great book to challenge your thinking about books/church/Christianity/faith/God/methodology/theology. Take it in, but cautiously. I don’t agree with much of the theology of the book but enjoyed the conversation.

This book was provided for me by The Ooze Viral Bloggers.


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