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August 18, 2010 / TheCommonCup

Whine Like A Toddler One More Time And I’ll Make Meat Come Out Of Your Nose

Reading in Numbers tonight I started laughing out loud at God’s reaction to sin in the camp. When the Israelites complain about having to eat manna all the time, in chapter 11, and cry like babies to God for meat to eat – God says they’ll eat meat for a month. He says they will eat so much meat they will “have meat coming out of their nose” and they will “grow to hate it”. Then again in chapter 12, Miriam and Aaron were complaining to one another about how “Only Moses gets to talk to God.” So God calls them in and scares the crap out of them. He defends Moses, and says that they should be afraid for speaking out against him. Miriam ends up with a skin disease and of all people Moses has to come before God to plead on behalf of his sister for healing.

Makes me never want to complain to God about things ever again.


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